When life gives you lemons... The start of SUNSAT Boutique - SUNSAT Boutique

When life gives you lemons... The start of SUNSAT Boutique

Let's face it... These past 6 months have not been what anyone has expected. Plans have been canceled. We have spent too much time at home. And, motivation has been at an all-time low.
Before the pandemic hit I started the keto diet. Two weeks in, I was quarantined. How much longer do you think I was still eating keto? Exactly. Maybe 30 minutes tops...
There was a point in the last 6 months that I hit my limit. I was out of motivation, felt like there was nothing I could do to get myself out of this funk, and feeling downright lazy. During one of my many breakdowns to my boyfriend, I admitted to this lack of motivation, which if you know me you know I’m "go go go" 9 out of 10. I also admitted to being jealous of his sense of ease and patience being stuck and home. He recommended that I start up a new hobby and do something that I have always wanted to do. I thought: knitting-nope, painting-nope, crafts-nope. There is not one artistic bone in my body. As I got to thinking of some things I have always wanted to do the most realistic and prominent goal has been to start my own business.
Starting a clothing boutique was never in the plans but I have always been interested in fashion and dressing up.
As a young girl, I remember talking to my dad about what I wanted to be when I grew up. My dad gave me 3 choices to become a doctor, lawyer, or a businesswoman. My response, “I think I’ll be a businesswoman. I like their outfits better.” Looking back, it’s quite fitting that this business I have started is a clothing boutique.
Let’s talk about the name, SUNSAT. It’s not even a real word, but there is a definition. SUNSAT stands for Sunday through Saturday. Throughout the week there are different events that take place. Going into the office, date nights, workouts, relaxing on the weekend, brunch, and nights out on the town. I designed SUNSAT boutique to showcase collections for all of these events to make it easy to look through an online boutique’s collection and find just what you are looking for. From Sunday through Saturday, business to casual, the SUNSAT Boutique brand is designed to do everything it can to make shopping for any occasion a great experience.
Nicole Fallon Owner of SUNSAT Boutique 
Nicole Fallon
Owner, SUNSAT Boutique
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